Arulmigu Lakshmi Narashima Swamy Temple - Literature,Inscriptions

Inscriptions :

This is the only Vaishnava Temple of the Vellore District which is praised by the Alwars in their pasuram. Many culverts show its importance.

Chalukkya King came from the North to Tamilnadu and learnt in Kanchi kadigai. This is gradually known as Sholinghur or Sholingapuram. There are many culverts near the lake and in Kangaikondan Mandapam in Sannadhi street.

Swami Dhottachariar is the sthala Acharyar. It is said that he planned to construct the Temple and the Town. This temple is dedicated in Sarvathari year Meena month, Sutha Panchami day. Erumbi Padmapuram was the dwelling place of vainava Acharya. The prints of culverts were taken during 1896 and 1952-53.

Archeological survey shows that construction of big and small hills are age old and ancient. The reports given by them show that during the regime of Sri Veeerabadhra Ramadevarayar and Sri Venkatapathy Devarayar in 1527 ( 1619 A.D) renovated the same.

Books on these Temples :

1.Kadighachala Puram ( in Sanskrit)

2.Tenalai Rama Krishna Kadighachala Puranam ( in Telugu)

3.Hymns of Alwars (Thirumangai Alvar, Nammalvar, Peyalvar)

4.One Pasuram in 108 Tirpathi Anthathi - by Pillai Perumal Iyangar.

5.A Sanskrit Keerthana in praise of Lord Narasimha by Muthusamy Dikshidar.

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